A degree candidate who does not intend to register for a term should file a withdrawal notice with the Office of Student Affairs in Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center. The date the student signs his/her withdrawal notice will in most cases be the effective date of the student’s withdrawal.

Students departing mid-term are charged in accordance with the schedule outlined in Chapter VIII. Students should also understand the impact this will have on their health insurance coverage by reviewing the HUSHP website.

All current courses will be dropped automatically for students who withdraw from the Graduate School before the drop deadline. If a student withdraws from the Graduate School after the deadline, current courses will remain on the transcript with a WD designation. The last working day prior to the first day of the examination period is the final day by which a student may withdraw and receive the notation WD in place of a grade.

Withdrawn students may later apply for readmission as outlined in Chapter III.

Withdrawal notice

Departmental Withdrawal Notice

Ordinarily graduate students who have not met satisfactory progress requirements or who have not maintained contact with their departments for more than two terms are subject to being withdrawn from the program at the discretion of the department. The department will make a reasonable effort to contact the student to outline what actions must be taken to obtain or return to satisfactory progress. If the effort to make contact is unsuccessful and/or if the student continues to not make satisfactory progress, the student will then be withdrawn. Department withdrawal forms are available from the Office of Student Affairs. 

Students who are withdrawn by the department and would like to apply for readmission should consult Chapter III.

Departmental withdrawal notice