Traveling Scholars

Application for Traveling Scholar status

Applications for non-resident status must be submitted online by the student by July 1 for the fall term or academic year, and by December 1 for the spring term. Applications submitted afterward are subject to late registration fees. The student will be charged $50 plus $5 for each week that the application is late.

Traveling Scholar status designates degree candidates outside the Cambridge/Boston area who are engaged primarily in their degree work.

Traveling scholars are expected to maintain contact with their advisors on a regular basis, and inform the advisors of their progress. If a student has non-resident status for more than two years, the Office of Student Affairs will contact the department or committee to discuss the student’s situation.

Students applying for Traveling Scholar status may request to delay payment of the required full or reduced tuition, and instead pay the active file fee or the facilities fee, ordinarily for a total of no more than two years prior to completion of the tuition requirements (see Chapter VIII). Students delaying payment of tuition should be aware that the required tuition, at the rates current at the time of payment, must be paid prior to the receipt of the degree (see Chapter VIII).

Students should consult their financial aid officer concerning the financial implications of being on Traveling Scholar status and how it might impact any aid or funding from GSAS or other entities.

The registrar’s calculation of Graduate-year (G-year) does not stop while the student is a non-resident. 

Traveling scholars may request a formal letter of introduction, the “Dazzler,” from the Office of Student Affairs in the Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center. This letter may be helpful in obtaining access to libraries, archives, and resources elsewhere. 

Traveling scholars are automatically enrolled in HUSHP. If students have comparable health insurance coverage, they may qualify to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan. Additionally, they may be eligible to waive the Student Health Fee. Visit the HUSHP website for information on waiving coverage.