Submission of the Same Work to More Than One Course

Students who would like to turn in the same or similar work to more than one course must get prior written permission from both or all the instructors involved. Instructors expect that each paper or exercise turned in is written specially for that assignment. Under that assumption, failure to get prior written permission can be deceptive and students who do it may be required to withdraw. Instructors do not always give permission, and even when they do give permission, they may ask for a longer or a somewhat different paper than they expect from students who write a paper solely for the one course. Thus it is important to have these conversations well in advance of the paper’s due date(s).

Each instructor should write a letter to Patrick O’Brien, assistant dean of student affairs, GSAS Dean’s Office, Smith Center 350, giving permission for the student to submit the material to meet course requirements in more than one class. The student may draft a letter giving permission for the paper to be submitted to both classes and have both instructors sign the letter. These letters, once submitted to the assistant dean of student affairs, will be placed in the student’s academic folder.

If a student is planning on submitting work completed for a previous non-Harvard course, the student should consult with the instructor of the current course.