Study at Another Harvard School

Application for Study at Another Harvard School

GSAS students who are registered in another Harvard school should not register in residence simultaneously in GSAS; rather, they should file an application for non-resident status with GSAS. Ordinarily, no GSAS fees are charged and scheduled tuition is delayed for terms in which a student is registered in residence at another Harvard School. To receive a PhD degree from the Graduate School, students will be responsible for paying two years of full tuition and two years of reduced tuition to GSAS unless the PhD degree is completed in fewer than four years from initial registration. The student’s year of graduate study is calculated from the first date of registration in GSAS and will include those terms for which the student is registered at another Harvard school. These students are responsible for GSAS tuition requirements outlined in Chapter VIII.

Students Studying at Another Harvard School will not be charged health insurance coverage via their status at the Graduate School. Instead, their health insurance will be managed by the Harvard school in which they are registered.