Satisfactory Progress Requirements

All students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences must be making satisfactory progress in order to be eligible for any type of financial aid. The following five provisions are the general definition of satisfactory progress. Specific department modifications are included in the department’s descriptions of requirements in Chapter VI.

  1. During the first two years of graduate study, any student who has completed expected requirements is considered to be making satisfactory progress.
  2. In each of the first two years a student must have achieved the minimum grade-point average required by this faculty, a B average (3.0) (see Chapter V, "Grade and Examination Requirements").
  3. By the end of the third year, a student must have passed general examinations or the departmental equivalent.
  4. By the end of the fourth year, a student must have obtained approval of a dissertation prospectus or its departmental equivalent.
  5. By the end of the fifth year and each subsequent year during which a student is allowed to register, he or she must have produced at least one acceptable chapter of the dissertation.