Registration in Two Harvard Schools

No student registered in GSAS shall at the same time be registered in any school or college either of Harvard University or of any other institution. GSAS students may not be simultaneously enrolled in two PhD programs at Harvard or elsewhere nor may a student be enrolled in more than one degree program within GSAS. Students ordinarily may receive the PhD degree from only one program in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. If the student at the time of admission has plans to enroll in another program, those plans should be discussed with the department or committee before the student accepts the offer of admission.

GSAS students enrolled in two Harvard degree programs should not register simultaneously in residence in the two faculties. When registered in another Harvard school, a GSAS degree candidate should file an application for non-resident status with GSAS.

Ordinarily, no GSAS tuition fees are charged for terms in which a student is registered in residence in another Harvard school. Students may defer the payment of GSAS tuition, but they are responsible for meeting GSAS academic and tuition requirements before they receive their degree (see Chapter VIII).

GSAS students who wish to take a course in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences while their primary registration is in another Harvard school should do so by cross-registering back into FAS.

The registrar’s calculation of Graduate-year (G-year) does not stop while the student is non-resident in GSAS and attending another Harvard school. The student’s year of graduate study is calculated from the first date of registration in GSAS and will include those terms for which the student is registered at another Harvard school. An adjustment to the department G-year can be made for the years a GSAS student is fully engaged in another Harvard School as an official participant in the MD-PhD or JD/PhD Coordinated Program.