Students who were previously enrolled in a GSAS degree program long enough to have paid at least one installment of tuition and who then held a registration status of withdrawn for at least one full term should apply for readmission to return to registered student status in the same GSAS degree program. Completed applications for readmission should be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs, Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center.

Applications for readmission, ordinarily, must be submitted by January 2 for the following fall term. Ordinarily, applicants will be considered for readmission to the fall term only. 

The Graduate School will not accept more than three applications for readmission from any individual during the course of his or her academic career. Ordinarily, a student who has been required to withdraw from GSAS (for any reason other than the G10 enrollment cap) may not apply for readmission until two academic terms have passed.

Application materials:

1. Application Form
2. Readmission Supplemental Form
3. Letter of Recommendation
4. Current official GSAS transcript
5. Official transcripts of any formal academic training taken since leaving GSAS.
6. Any additional material required by the department (contact the department directly).

Readmission is not automatic and requires approval by both the degree program and the dean for admissions and financial aid of the Graduate School. Readmission, if offered, may be conditional, requiring performance of a specific task at a specific standard, either prior to or following readmission. 

Students applying for readmission should contact the degree program in which they were previously enrolled to clarify courses and exams to be taken, to specify the time frame or duration to completion of the degree, to confirm consent of their faculty advisor and committee, and to determine what additional supporting documentation should be submitted with their application.

Consideration is given to the record of each applicant, the length of absence, the activities undertaken during the absence, and the number of student places available in the department.

To be offered readmission, a student may need to provide evidence of ability to pay tuition during the enrolled terms and should inquire with his/her financial aid officer prior to applying.

Readmission for Degree

Students who were previously enrolled in a GSAS degree program and who then withdrew, having completed all degree requirements except the dissertation defense (if applicable) and submission of the dissertation, may apply for readmission for degree. Completed applications for readmission for degree should be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs, Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center.

Application materials:

1. Application Form
2. Statement of purpose
3. Letter of recommendation from the student's advisor, indicating that the student is ready to defend his or her dissertation

Readmission for degree applications are accepted for each degree period - November, March, and May - every year. Applications should be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the deadline for submission of degree applications to the Registrar's Office as noted in the right-most column of the Degree Calendar. 

Students readmitted for degree enter an enrollment status of “Pending Degree” and are expected to meet deadlines outlined in the Degree Calendar.  Students who fail to submit their dissertation prior to the noted deadline will revert to a registration status of “Withdrawn” following passage of the deadline.

Questions about either readmission process may be emailed to You may also call the Office of Student Affairs at 617-495-1814.

Financial Requirements for Readmission and Readmission for Degree

Students readmitted to the same degree program in which they were formerly enrolled are charged a $105 application fee. All PhD candidates, including those that have been readmitted, must minimally pay the facilities fee in their last term of registration. Readmission will not be completed until all fees or any other indebtedness to the University or overdue loan payments are paid.