Non-Resident Students

There are three statuses to which students may apply to register for an academic term or year with non-resident status: 
1. Traveling Scholar status designates degree candidates outside the Boston area who are engaged primarily in their degree work.
2. Leave of Absence status designates degree candidates whose time will be devoted primarily to activities other than degree work.  Any student who is teaching more then three-fifths over the year must be a teaching assistant instead of a teaching fellow, and must register on leave of absence rather than in residence.
3. Studying at Another Harvard School status designates GSAS degree candidates who are registered and conducting study at a Harvard faculty other than FAS. 

Applications for non-resident status must be submitted online by the student by July 1 for the fall term or academic year, and by December 1 for the spring term. Applications submitted afterward are subject to late registration fees. The student will be charged $50 plus $5 for each week that the application is late.

Access to Harvard Libraries and E-mail for Non-Resident Students

Access to Harvard Libraries resources varies based on non-resident status and tuition. Students applying for non-resident status reference the table below in determining which tuition selection best suits their needs.

(Tuition Selection)
Library Admittance Borrowing
Leave of Absence
(Facilities Fee)
Full Access Full Privileges Full Access
Leave of Absence
(Active File Fee)
Alumni Access Alumni Privileges Alumni Access

Traveling Scholars
(Facilities Fee and
Active File Fee)

Full Access Full Privileges Full Access

All students on non-resident status retain access to their University e-mail address.

Students Departing Mid-Term

Students planning to depart on leave or travel midway through a term for the remainder of said term or academic year should register for the term either in residence or as a non-resident student paying the facilities fee. Those registered in residence should apply for non-resident status for the remainder of the term or year, stating in the application when they plan to leave. Students departing mid-term are charged in accordance with the schedule outlined in Chapter VIII. Students should also understand the impact this will have on their health insurance coverage by reviewing the HUSHP website.