Lapsed Registration and Degree Candidacy

Students who do not complete the Check-in and Registration processes, including but not limited to registration, withdrawal, or submission of an application for non-resident status for an academic term by one month from the Course Registration Deadline will enter a registration status of lapsed. Students with a lapsed registration status do not have access to University physical resources (their identification card is deactivated) and do not have access to many electronic resources (but retain access to their email account). Students may not remain in a lapsed registration status for more than one term.

Students who have entered a registration status of lapsed should consult the Registrar's Office or the Office of Student Affairs to resolve their status.

If the student continues in a non-registered status, the student’s degree candidacy will be lapsed upon completion of the academic term for which the student did not take action. The student will be charged a $250 lapse-of-candidacy fee. His or her registration status for the academic term will be recorded as lapsed and the student may be subject to withdrawal.

Students whose degree candidacy has been lapsed and/or who have been withdrawn must apply for readmission to the Graduate School (as outlined in Chapter III) in order to register for a future term and are responsible for any fees associated with readmission.