Applying for Non-Resident Status

Applications are submitted online.

Applications for non-resident status must be submitted online by the student by July 1 for the fall term or academic year, and by December 1 for the spring term. Applications submitted afterward are subject to late registration fees. The student will be charged $50 plus $5 for each week that the application is late. See the Timeline of Non-Resident Process for details.

Students may apply for non-resident status for a term or an academic year. Separate applications must be filed for each academic year. If a student is currently in non-resident status and wants to continue in that status for additional terms, a new non-resident application must be submitted.

Approval Process

An approved application for non-resident status is accepted in lieu of the Check-in Process and Registration.

Before deciding on non-resident status, students should discuss their plans with their advisor and then complete the appropriate application.

Applications are submitted electronically and must be approved by two of the following three individuals: 1) the student’s academic advisor, 2) the graduate program coordinator (or equivalent), 3) the director of graduate studies. Applications then must be approved by the Office of Student Affairs. International students must also obtain approval from the Harvard International Office.

Applications will not be approved if a student has an outstanding term bill or is delinquent in repayment of a Harvard loan. When a student’s application is held up for such reasons, the date the bill is paid is taken as the date of registration, with late fees charged accordingly.

To cancel a submitted application or make a change, please submit one of the forms below:

Change in Non-Resident Status

Cancellation of Non-Resident Status